Access Membership

Access Life Membership: £40

Access Yearly Membership: £30

Students who meet one of the following criteria will be able to access the discounted membership:

  • Recipient of the maximum Durham Grant award
  • Successful applicant to a University, College, or JCR related hardship (or similar) fund within the past 12 months

To apply, please contact our Office Manager Sharon Turnbull at, who will decide if you are eligible. Please attach supporting evidence demonstrating the relevant financial award. This evidence will be treated with complete privacy and will not be seen by or discussed with any students.

College Opportunities Funds

Every college has multiple student funds – the key one is the Opportunities Fund, otherwise known as the Participation Fund. Union memberships can be paid for by this fund.

A number of colleges have already stated that they will pay for memberships if an application is submitted. Regardless of your college, you can use our email template to make an application. Email your college to submit an application!