Welcome to Easter Term at the Durham Union Society!

A warm welcome back to Durham! All-nighters, emotional breakdowns and a full-time relationship with the Bryson; these are just a few things that define the Easter term. It becomes easy to forget that whilst our lives are put on hold to battle through past papers, the world goes on with its own battles- ones that will determine the course of history.

This Easter term at the DUS we will seek to address the most important battles of the day. We will consider conflicts that have boggled the minds of politicians, to which there seems to be no end in sight. The Middle East has long been on top of the international relations agenda. We will examine the impact of external players, be it through military or diplomatic actions, through NGO’s or through aid workers, and draw lessons from it. We will look at the turbulent area not only from our own, Western perspective, but also from the perspectives of Russia and Jordan.

We will address the battle on our own continent: the battle that will decide our future. The future of this country and perhaps the future of the European Union will be determined over the next two months, and we will discuss the best course for history to take.

Let’s not forget the battle over the future of women. There are parts of the world where a woman is at worst a slave, and at best an ornament. Even in our liberal country women are yet to occupy the same position, or possess the same amount of prestige as men. With the help of experts, we will look for a solution.

This term will see a continuation of our fantastic socials, with a free, vintage fancy dress social to kick things off. We will of course hold our annual Garden Party after exams, and we promise to meet the high standard set by previous years!

As promised in my manifesto, the blog will be set up shortly, so if you wish to share your thoughts on any of the topics addressed this term, or if you have any general questions or comments, do not hesitate to email me at president@dus.org.uk!


                    Kamila Godzinska - Easter President 2016