Maxim Sizov Address  - Thursday 28th April, 8.30pm

The first event of the Easter term will be an address by Maxim Sizov, First Secretary at the Russian Embassy in the United Kingdom.

He will be discussing "Russia's Policy in Syria".

Panel on Western Involvement in the Middle East - Friday 29th April, 8.30pm

Following a successful trial last term, the first discussion panel of term will focus on the West and the Middle East. There will speak:

  • Sir Richard Dalton: former Ambassador to Libya and Iran, and current Associate Fellow at Chatham House
  • Zeynep Kaya: Academic at LSE, focusing on the role of international actors in enhancing women's rights after military intervention¬†
  • Julia Welland: Academic at Warwick University focusing on militarised masculinity and counterinsurgency in Afghanistan
  • David Wearing: Journalist and Researcher, currently doing a PhD in British foreign policy in the Middle East at SOAS
  • Chris Davidson: Durham Academic in the School of Government and International Affairs, previously consultant to GCHQ, FCO and NATO

All events are members only. Should you wish to attend the pre-event dinner, please contact the office before noon two days beforehand.