This Week at the Union

Monday, 5th December: His Excellency Mark Regev.

The Chamber, Palace Green, from 6.25 p.m.

We are pleased to announce that the Union Society will be hosting His Excellency Mark Regev, Israeli Ambassador to the Court of St James' since August 2015, this coming Monday (the 5th). He will be addressing the society on the topic of ‘Middle East Reality Check: The Road to Peace’ before taking questions from members.

Please note, members are asked to pre-submit their questions in advance to and then will be called to read their questions out on the night.


Members will be required to sign up online through this link:

Only those on the guest list will be admitted. However, on the night we will be operating on a ‘first-come first-served’ basis, and being on the guest list does not guarantee entry as space will be limited.


Thursday, 8th December: Caroline Lucas MP.

The Chamber, Palace Green, from 8.30 p.m.

On Thursday the Union is delighted to receiving an address from the MP for Brighton Pavilion since 2010 and current Co-Leader of the Green Party in England and Wales, Caroline Lucas. A seasoned political campaigner on issues from the green agenda to nuclear disarmament, Caroline will be discussing the contemporary political scene.


Friday 9th December: Michaelmas Farewell Debate – This House Believes That Jeremy Corbyn Would Make a Fine Prime Minister.

As is traditional, the end-of-term Presidential Farewell debate will take place on Friday, with Union members past and present tackling a motion filled with prescient humour.


George Jackson – A lifelong socialist, the current president yearns for the simpler times when everyone knitted their own jumpers and made their own jam.

Frans Robyns – Our former speakers’ secretary is a respected authority on socialism in the developing nations of South America.

Nick Beaumont – The son of an academic, our former treasurer has admired Jeremy Corbyn since first reading the Morning Star at pre-school.


Emily Beighton – The past President is concerned that the revolution might mean an end to her cherished bourgeois lifestyle.

Tom Harwood – The current President-elect lost faith in Corbyn when he didn’t lend his lifelong Eurosceptic weight to the Vote Leave campaign.

Gillian McLeod – Our former Sponsorship secretary and soon-to-be-rich entrepreneur is horrified at the prospect of a 99% top rate of income tax.