Durham Union Society General Data Protection Regulations Statement

Dear Members;

In line with the new General Data Protection Regulations as well as current data protection laws please read this statement concerning our policy on your data.

The data we currently have on members is their name, college, course and course length, current year, email address, membership status and past ticket sales. If you chose to provide it, we may also have your address and/or phone number. All this information we only have if you provided it to us directly, usually during the process of signing up to become a member.

You have the right to see all the data we currently have on you. To do so please go to the Durham Union Society Website, http://dus.org.uk/, and under the ‘Members’ heading choose ‘Log-in’.

Using the email address you joined up with log into the system. If you cannot remember your password or if this is your first-time logging into the system (even if you signed up online and think you chose a password then) you will need to request a password reset. If this does not work, or you do not know which email address you used or no longer have access to that email address please come into the office to have your account email changed, office location and hours attached below.

You also have the right to edit or request that any inaccurate data be changed. You can do this yourself once you have logged into your account by clicking on ‘My details and settings’ and changing any of the information displayed there. If you cannot do this manually, or if you want your invoice history changed, please come into the office at the times below.

You have the right to have your data deleted entirely. Please note that as we need this data as a record of membership then if you do so we will not be able to guarantee you the full benefits of membership in the future without re-purchasing membership, including getting a new membership card if you lose yours or getting discounted prices to Union Society Events. If you do wish to have your data erased, please come into the office the below published times and we will process your request as soon as possible.

We have this data so that we can fulfil our public purpose, such as checking your membership status should you lose/forget your card, setting up and running an alumni network, getting you discounted events rates and checking all bills from events have been paid, sending you information about events in the coming week which may interest you and other email correspondence, co-ordinating our social media outreach and checking your status as an in-statu pupullari to enable Presidential elections to be conducted fairly in line with our Constitution. If you do not consent to your data as described being used in the above ways please come into the office or email sharon.turnbull@durham.ac.uk as soon as possible.

The ways to contact the Union Society are:

Email: sharon.turnbull@durham.ac.uk

Call: 0191 384 3724

Visit our office on the second floor of the Pemberton Buildings, Palace Green, Durham DH1 3EP, open 8:30am-4:30pm Monday to Friday.

If you have any queries about this policy, please contact us and we will process these as soon as possible.

Thank you for your attendance,

The Durham Union Society Technologies Officer