The Union is run by student officers, who are unpaid and try to squeeze in degrees at the same time! Those below sit on Standing Committee, the Union's executive committee.

Ollie Lewis - President (

Ollie LewisThe President is in charge of delivering a successful term. They chair debates, meetings, and coordinate the action of the Union Officers. 

The President is ultimately responsible for the Durham Union Society to its trustees and critically to you, its members.

Rahul Prakash  - Secretary ( 

Rahul Prakash Union PhotoThe Secretary is the administrative hub of the Union. The Secretary is responsible for communicating the members’ views to the other officers, recording the minutes of the debates and meetings, changes in the Constitution and has ultimate responsibility for the college secretaries.

Rhodri Sheldrake Davies - Treasurer

The TreThingy who used to be tech officerasurer is in charge of the Union's finances. The Treasurer liaises with the responsible officers and sets budgets.

They are the check and balance on spending, and keep the accounts up to date before presenting them to the trustees.

George Jackson - Custodian

GeorgeThe Custodian is responsible for 24 North Bailey Club. Working with the Assistant Custodian and Bar Manager and staff.

They ensure the smooth running of 24s, and communicate all resolutions from the officers to the Bar Manager.

Lucy Woodruff - Sponsorship Secretary (

LucyThe Sponsorship Secretary ensures that all areas of the Union receive sponsorship. They are responsible for making and maintaining links between the Union and external parties.

Sabrina Steuer - Social Secretary

The SocialSabrina Steuer - Union Photo Secretary is responsible for delivering all of the Union’s fantastic social events that are held each term. They are supported in their role by the social committee.

Rory Flynn - Director of Debating 

21706610_10154732560811861_1360959034_oThe Director of Debating is responsible for student debating, both inside and outside of Durham. Day to day tasks include running Monday Night Workshops and Advanced Debating Practice, selecting teams to represent Durham at Inter-Varsity competitions, and organising competitions such as Durham Schools, the Open and our own IV.

Christopher Clarke - President Elect

Chris ClarkeThe President Elect works towards their own successful term and by being a member of Standing ensures a smooth transition between the present and future terms.