Joining the Union is a simple process. First you need to fill in your details below, and then you need to pay. We can take credit,debit cards and cheque.

You can also join by hand, by printing out this form and posting it to us - it's up to you.

Step One: Please fill out the following form with your details.

This email address can be changed at a later date, for example to the Durham email address you are given upon arrival. However, it is important that this is a functioning email, as we will send updates and announcements to it.

This password is case sensitive. You will need to re-enter it in order to progress to step two.

If you have a digital photo on your computer, you can upload a PNG, GIF or JPG file. This will be printed onto your membership card. If you do not, no problem - just bring a passport photograph to our office at a later date.

We offer two types of membership: Life - where you can attend events for the rest of your life, and Yearly - where your membership expires at the end of this academic year. If you want to continue your membership after that year, you will need to pay another yearly membership fee.

If you are paying by card, please enter your billing address:

In order to maintain your membership of the Durham Union we need to have access to the information on this form. Please tick this box to consent to your their name, college, course and course length, current year, email address, membership status and past ticket sales being stored in our database. This is in order to check your membership status, and you can amend or have this data erased at any time.

By ticking this box you consent to the information you have provided being stored and processed by the Durham Union.

If all these details are correct, then please click the button to

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