The Union will give you some of the most enjoyable and memorable nights of your university life, so why not get involved and help organise them? As the largest and oldest society in Durham, there is a lot of work to do. The Union is run by students, for students, and by becoming a committee member or officer you will have the chance to gain valuable work experience alongside our permanent members of staff and lots of other students. It's also a great way to meet people from other colleges, and make some of your best friends.

You're always welcome in the office for coffee and a chat. Check the DUS notice board at the top of the stairs in the Union building for forthcoming positions on committees or officer posts.




The best way to be part of the Union team is by becoming a member of one of several important committees. The committees are the lifeblood of our activities, and there is sure to be a place to use your skills. If you are interested, sign up outside the Union office (opposite the debating chamber). You will need a proposer and seconder (just signatures, not hustings) who are members of the society. Feel free to ask any officer or committee member - we're always happy to welcome new people!

College secretaries form an essential link between the Union and the colleges in getting information both to and from the members. There is one secretary per college, and they are responsible for gathering members' feedback, bringing ideas to the office and distributing all Union publicity within their college. They work with the Secretary. These positions are held for a year.

House committee is responsible for the logistics, co-ordination and management of all Union events, particularly Friday night debates. Committee members have a chance to meet and talk to all the speakers and socialise with a wide variety of members in the Reading Room after debates and addresses. They work with the Steward. The committee is elected every term.

Social committee plans and organises the Union's social events. This is the perfect role for anyone interested in getting involved with the creative and social side of theUnion. They work with the Social Secretary. Three members are elected termly.

Rules committee helps the Returning Officer to run elections and ensures that theUnion runs fairly. These members are elected whenever there is a vacancy.

Debates committee organise the debating workshops on Monday and Wednesday nights and internal competitions such as the Freshers' Cup. They help run three of the largest debating competitions on the circuit - the IV in November, Schools in March and the Open in June. Three members are elected annually.

President's committee helps the President prepare for the speaker events-debates, forums and addresses-in his term. This is the best way to get to know the inner workings of the Union. Any member considering getting very involved with the running of the society should consider becoming a member of this committee. They work with the Speakers Secretary. These members are elected for two terms to help a specific president.

Sponsorship committee encourages outside firms to support the Union. The committee's members are vital in obtaining support from local and national companies. As sponsorship is so pervasive, a position on this committee will give you the chance to interact with many different areas of the Union. They work with the Sponsorship Secretary These positions are held for a term.

All of the above also become members of General Committee, which meets every other Wednesday afternoon at 2.30pm. General Committee is the main legislative body of the Union, and as such is extremely important.

Once on these committees and in General Committee you can stand to become one of the various Union Officers such as the Standing positions, their Assistants, Speakers Secretary or the Steward

Watch out for vacancies on the website and the Society's noticeboards in 24 and on Palace Green.