Friday Nights are the centre of the Union Society and form the backbone of any term.

Each Friday night the Union holds a debate on the issue of the day. Two or three external speakers, each an expert in their field, speak for each side. In the last year members have seen countless MPs, academics, journalists, celebrities, diplomats and leading think tank members take to the floor and face each other in the intimate setting of the Palace Green Debating Chamber. Subjects debated range from The Monarchy to Size Zero Models; Brexit to Conscription; The World Cup to Multiculturalism.

The best bit about this for you, the member, is that you can take the main speakers to task over what they have said. After the main speeches we then give members the opportunity to challenge what the guests have said. You can also chat more informally to speakers at 24 over a drink afterwards!


 To sponsor a Friday Night Debate, please visit our sponsorship page or email for more information.