The Union is run by student members. Below is a list of offices or committee positions that will be opening in the near future for members to consider applying for. Certain positions require members to already be a part of a committee to apply for.


Upcoming Elections: Epiphany 2017


Committee Elections

Friday 20th January: House Committee

Friday 27th January: Social Committee

To run for a committee, please complete a form outside the office or email returningofficer@dus.org.uk before 6pm the day of the election.


Officer Elections

1st General Committee of Term: Treasurer, Assistant Custodian

Other positions may become available at short notice. If you are interested in running, you must join a committee first.


Presidential Elections

Michaelmas 2017 will be elected later in the term. Potential candidates must have attended five General Committee meetings and be a member of the University in statu pupillari.