The Standing Committee acts as the Union’s executive and is responsible for the day to day running of all aspects of the Society. We meet once a week during term time. We’re the people to contact if you have any question, query or concern to raise.

Acting President

Freddie Green
Trevelyan College
Law (Third Year)

The President is tasked with delivering a successful term of events. They chair debates, committee meetings and coordinate the Union’s officers. The President is ultimately responsible to the Union’s members and trustees.


Dylan Cresswell
Hatfield College
History (Third Year)

The Treasurer is in charge of the Union’s finances, liaising with other officers, setting termly budgets, updating the accounts and presenting to the Trustees.


Jordan Kiss
South College
Law (Second Year)

The Secretary is responsible for communicating members’ views to the President and other officers, recording the minutes of events and meetings, and managing the Secretary’s Committee.

Social Secretary

Amy Mitchell
College of St Hild & St Bede
PPE (Third Year)

The Social Secretary organises all our fantastic social events, including the annual Michaelmas Ball, the Epiphany Gala and Easter Ball. The Social Secretary also works with the Social Committee to prepare social events.


Grace Annandale
Stephenson College
Psychology (Third Year)

The Custodian is in charge of 24 North Bailey Club and is in charge of the ballot for Apartments. The Custodian also consults with Bar Committee on the views of the members regarding the Bar.

Sponsorship Secretary

Dylan Buckley
Van Mildert College
Economics (Second Year)

The Sponsorship Secretary works to ensure that all areas of the Union receive sponsorship. They are responsible for building and maintaining links between the Union and external parties.

Publicity Officer

Jack Morgan
Grey College
History (Third Year)

The Publicity Officer manages the Society’s social media accounts, liaises with photographers and assists the President in the creation of term cards and brochures.

Technologies Officer

Ben Doerry
College of St Hild & St Bede
Natural Sciences (Third Year)

The Technologies Officer maintains the Union’s database, website and mailing system in addition to filming and live streaming events for output on social media.


Xavier Wain
Trevelyan College
History (Third Year)

The President-Elect works toward their own term and their presence on Standing helps to ensure a smooth transition between Presidents.

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