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Welcome back to Durham and to Epiphany here at the Union for what promises to be a term of great controversy and enjoyment.

Building on the successes of the Union last term, I have chosen debates that are both relevant and deliberately provocative, with topics ranging from the sexist perception of Feminism to the issues with defining Terrorism, not to mention the claiming the Daily Mail is a fine piece of journalism. This term will offer you the opportunity to hear some truly amazing and inspirational speakers, ranging from Kevin Bales, co-founder of Free The Slaves, to Jon Snow, everyone’s favourite Channel 4 News presenter. With the mixture of debates, jointly held and independent forums, and addresses, I believe that this Epiphany will offer our members a full range of topics to ensure that the Durham “bubble” does not rule tyrannical.

Of course the Union is about more than addresses and debates—Epiphany promises some more fantastic social events; in celebration of the 200th anniversary of Grimm’s Fairy tales, 24 North Bailey will be hosting a Grimm’s Fairy tales themed fancy dress social on the 25th February. For all those who have forgotten who your friends are over Christmas (we all do it, don’t worry!), there will be a free social with a Chinese New Year theme in the second week of term. If you can’t wait until then to open the wine and enjoy a few glasses, why not invite a friend to join the Union; for the first two weeks of term, each new member you help sign up gets you a bottle of wine. If they’re a really good friend, you might even share it!

Epiphany also promises a term rich in opportunities for the debaters amongst you. Not only will you have the opportunity to begin or continue training as a Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced debater, but the Inter-Collegiate Debating Competition will be taking place in the latter part of this term. 24 North Bailey will be continuing to host its fortnightly pub quiz this term, so if you want to go and find out how little or how much you know about the world, or how similar your knowledge is to our quiz master, then come along every other Sunday.

Between Friday Night Debates and forums, the infamous Union socials and 24s, and of course our wonderful student debating trainers, the Union Society can offer every student something that cannot be found anywhere else in this illustrious University. I hope you’ll find the term interesting, exciting and inspiring. Whether you just turn up to Friday night events, or end up running for President, I can’t urge you more strongly to get involved.

I look forward to meeting you all,

 Lucy Warden - Epiphany President 2014

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Upcoming Events

The  next debate is This House would Abolish Inheritance Tax. 

This debate will feature:


  • Stephen Davies. Education director at the Institute of Economic Affairs (OEA).
  • Rory Meakin. Research Director at the Taxpayer's alliance


  • Rita de la Feria. Professor at Durham Law School, and Adviser to the Portugese Government on VAT Policy during the May 2011 bail-out agreement.

Friday 21st February, 8.30pm, the Debating Chamber.

Our next upcoming social is a Grimm Fairy Tale themed social:imagesCAN8XQ9E

This will be in fancy dress (!) and we will once again be sponsored by Chang Beer!

Tickets are subsidised and cheaper if you buy beforehand so get moving! Please come to the office on Palace Green to book now.

  • Advanced Price: £2
  • On the Night: £5
  • April, 2014

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